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Comprehensive solutions for EPC and MRO projects

Business Model

With more than 30 years of experience in the industrial and supply market, FERBAQ stands out within its industry and line of business thanks to its integral business model proposal for its clients, specializing its technical-commercial and logistic attention, based on the needs of its projects and the most challenging challenges of our users in the following sectors:

The business model of Ferbaq is characterized by a specialized and integrated work of different areas and disciplines, which are composed of the commercial part, generated by multidisciplinary Business Units for the attention of requirements, engineering area for the fulfillment of technical specifications, as well as the logistics and supply chain, seeking the fulfillment and delivery of the requested in time and form for the solution of projects in the industry and construction.

The involvement of the staff and areas of Ferbaq in each of the phases and projects, allows us to understand and respond timely and proactively to the needs of each of our clients.


At FERBAQ we seek to provide you with the best integrated solutions for EPC and MRO projects:

Customer visit and Project Kick Off

Customer visit and Project Kick Off

Understanding that each project is different, the Ferbaq team makes a first approach to the client on site and end users to understand and gather the necessary information, defining an appropriate service model for the client, its project and more specific supply requirements.

Site Survey and Work Team

Site Survey and Work Team

Identifying and projecting the commercial and supply scope, FERBAQ prepares and assigns a Business Unit of work, for the specialized attention of the project and supply needs.

In addition to this, a logistic space and fleet distribution is assigned for on-site service, which will allow us to meet the delivery and delivery times required in the short and medium term for the project.

Taking of requirements and business needs

Requirements and needs assessment

Taking of requirements and business needs

The commercial and engineering team associated with the project is responsible for the reception and management of each of the requirements received by the procurement area, whether by means of bidding, project or ordinary requisition, in order to subsequently carry out their preparation and execution in a timely manner.

Technical specification, brands and solutions

Technical specification, brands and solutions

Advice in the process of preparing lists and explosion of inputs for technical integration, as well as training to the user areas of the different categories selected. Likewise, there is technical advice from project engineering, for the resolution of doubts and search for alternatives for the adequate supply of the inputs required by the user area.

Technical commercial proposal

Technical commercial proposal

Based on the defined requirements and technical specifications, the FERBAQ team is responsible for developing a bid that meets all the functional technical specifications and is also commercially competitive according to the needs and budgets of the project, either through the management of framework contracts, open contracts or simply ordinary requisitions.

Commercial follow-up

Commercial follow-up

The commercial team is in charge of having timely communication and follow-up with the procurement and user areas to ensure that the technical and commercial offer meets the customer's expectations for the supply.
Likewise, the team is always open to feedback from the customer to make adjustments to the proposal.

Supply, service and expediting

Supply, service and expediting

When purchase orders are assigned and received, they are immediately sent to the supply process to the logistics area, for the collection and delivery of materials at each site, according to the times specified with the procurement area.

The logistics and expediting areas follow up to ensure the delivery of all assigned orders in due time and form, where a detailed backorder control is carried out.



After each delivery and fulfillment of supply, the team ensures that the material meets the functional expectations that the end user requires to perform their activities in the field. In any scenario, the commercial and engineering team takes immediate action to provide a timely resolution to the customer so that it does not affect the operational work.

Our Specialties

Ferbaq specializes in the distribution of material for industry and construction over 8 disciplines and various brands that allow us to meet the supply requirements of our customers, offering diversified and complete commercial proposals for the different phases of the projects.


- Pipe and Rod Cutting and Threading - Cable Crimping and Crimping - Cutting and Roughing - Manual - Electrical - Hydraulic - Machinery and Equipment - Fastening and anchoring - Paints

Ridgid, Greenlee, Urrea, Truper, Snap on, Knipex, Weston, Dewalt, Hilti, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, Tecnotray, Enerpac, CAT, Comex, Sherwin Williams.

Cutting and Roughing

- Discs - Abrasives - Rotary files - Brushes - Accessories - Machinery

Austromex, Weston, Adir, Norton, Truper, Perfect.

Lifting and Loading

- Shackles - Hoists - Cables and Strobes - Slings - Hydraulic Jacks and Skids - Jib Cranes - Load Handling

Viking, Urrea, Truper, Procarga, Cargo Lift, Kynedine, Camesa, Werner, Crosby.

Welding and Consumables

- Welding - TIG Process Torches - MIG Process Torches - Electric Arc - Oxyfuel and Gas - Plasma

Lincoln, Infra, Esmasa, Weller, Victor, Harris, Twecco, Weston, Esab, Miller, Weld 500.

Personal Protective Equipment, Signage and Industrial Safety

- Head, face and eye protection - Visual and hearing protection - Respiratory protection - Hand and arm protection - Arc Flash Equipment - Road Protection and Signaling - Fall arrest systems. - Anti-spill control. - Gas detection equipment

MSA, 3M, VANVIEN, Dermacare, Honeywell, Berrendo, Jyrsa, Brisco, MR Seguridad, Anseli, Encon, Dupont, Golden Eagle, Prosegin.

Piping, Valves and Connections

· Acero · PVC · CPVC · PPR · VAEA´s y expulsoras de aire · Acero Inoxidable Grado Alimenticio · Cobre tipo M, L, K. · PEAD Corrugado · Poliflex · Válvulas: Mariposa, compuerta, checks, globo, cierre rápido, aguja, control

Urrea, Valmatic, Nacobre, Poliflex, Rotoplas, Tuboplus, Eureka, Deacero, Helvex, Cinsa, Amanco, ADS, Tododren.

Structural Steels

- Sheet and Coil Plate - Hot Rolled Steel Sheet - Cold Rolled Sheet - Coated Sheet - Angle - Sill - Round, Square and Twisted Square - Corrugated Rod - C.P.S. Channel - Beam - Structural Profiles - Structural, industrial and conduction pipes

Deacero, Aceromex, Aceros Alcalde, AHMSA.

Instrumentation and Control

- Inspection and Diagnostic Equipment - Pressure and Temperature Recorders - Bimetallic Thermometers - Bourdon Type Pressure Gauges - Load Cells - Dead Weight Scales - Electrical Quality Analyzers - IV analyzers and tracers - Rotameters, meters: flow, level, RH, pressure, viscosity, etc. - Scales, microbalances - Megger

Wika, Greenlee, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Fluke, Mitutoyo, Solmetric, ABB, Dewit, Surex, Megger, Ohaus, Metler Toledo, Torrey.

Our Brands

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